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Who We Are

Bid Xpert (Pty) Ltd collectively has more than 30 years of experience in the professional preparation of request for quotations, compiling tenders, and contract management services across all sectors of industry, government, parastatals, and Institutes.

Our tender consulting services are based on best practices and we pride ourselves in our bench-marked tender proposal advisory service and design of proposals to our Clients across South Africa.

What We Do

Compile & Submit

We compile the tender proposal for you, meet you at your offices to sign the completed proposal, and submit it on your behalf to the Tender Authority.  

Advisory & Support Services

We advise and guide you in preparing and submitting your tender proposal. Document printing & delivery is excluded under this option except where otherwise specified during the bid prep consultation.

CSD & Vendor Registration

If you want to tender for opportunities within the South African Government, you are required to be registered on the Central Supplier Database and maintain current information regularly.  We can assist with once-off registration as well as Vendor Registration for the private sector.

Marketing & Branding Material

We have the ability to upgrade or reformat your Company Profile to assist you in better explaining from an independent view your service offering tailored to suit the bidding requirements.

Web Development & Social Media

As part of our holistic service offering, we provide digital presence support to enhance your current strategy and brand identity to support the bid effort.  Our trusted partners can assist in creating your site and setting up your social media platforms and marketing strategies.

Why Us

Bid Xpert (Pty) Ltd has been engaged in the design, content, preparation, and submission of more than 600 tender proposals to the value of R38, 4 billion. These proposals for select clients covered a broad spectrum of industries and have included but were not limited to the following: Physical Security Guarding; Electronic Security Solutions; High-End Security Perimeter Intrusion & Detection Systems; High-Density Catering Services; Youth Detention Facilities and Fleet Management Services.  

A list of some of the successful proposals submitted on behalf of our Client’s is available on our Completed Submissions page and a detailed list of all projects is available on request.

Bid Xpert (Pty) Ltd is a proud member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations.  APMP was formed in 1989 and promotes the professional growth of its members by advancing the arts, sciences, and technologies of winning business.  The APMP is headquartered in the USA and has 26 chapters with over 10,000 members across the globe.

The APMP South Africa (SA) Chapter was formed in 2009 and is dedicated to increasing recognition in our region and to expanding into the rest of Africa.  The APMP SA Chapter is run by a hardworking committee of volunteers from our profession who provide their time because they are committed to furthering the professionalism of proposal management and coaching.

How it Works

What it Costs

Each professional tender response that we prepare is bespoke, and whilst we have prescribed rates, these can vary depending on the actual requirements of the proposal and submission type.  However, we remain competitively priced.

Contact us to schedule an online consultation and review of the bid document to determine your needs.

Where to Reach Us

Give us a call on +27 (0) 76 241 2400

Email us at info@bidxpert.co.za

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